Thursday, October 16, 2008


I just got an e-mail.

The King of Attolia* is waiting for me in my mailbox.

I'm now somewhat tempted to ditch all the responsible things I had planned to do today and read instead.

*the book, obviously. The alternative would be a little creepy.


Pam H. said...

LOL! (The footnote)

Valerie said...


I love you.

Joy said...


I only own "The Thief"... not the other two books of the trilogy... and our library doesn't even have them. I'd LIKE to get the cool hardbacks of all three someday... You know, the ones with the amazing covers?

Ah well, maybe someday.

MaureenE said...

Pam, yes, well I had a sudden vision of Gen all squashed in my mailbox. He's small, but he's not THAT small.

Valerie, I love you too. Always.

Joy, have you read the other two? Because if you haven't, get them from interlibrary loan or something. Seriously!

Pam H. said...

Joy, if funds are tight, you might check out my used book link:

They're my standby - cheap, with quick shipping, and very reliable. (As with, go for the sellers with AT LEAST a 90% satisfaction rate - 100%, if possible.)

I love this site - they have so many things I can't find anywhere else.