Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All shall be well

Woo hoo! My philosophy class has been canceled for the day! I hope everything's okay with the professor, but I'm glad to have extra free time. Also, my P&P seminar has moved into a new stage where we'll pretty much be meeting with the professor once a week and writing on our own the rest of the time. I'm meeting with him today.

My room did not get cleaned last night. Did I already say that? I kind of feel like I did. Oh well. I did get my curtains put up.

I also watched House. Anyone else watch it regularly? If you do, I have only this to say: Whoa. Whammy of an episode. I loved the part where House is talking to Wilson and Wilson says something and House gets his AHA! look on his face and Wilson says, "I just gave you the answer, didn't I? You're now going to walk out of here without saying a word." As House walks out the door he replies, "Nope."

We had quite the rousing discussion in my English class this morning. Veered off of Milton and onto free will/predestination. Take that, people who say that a secular school hates religion. Ahem. I will try to be kind, really. I put my two cents in, but I felt like people were kind of misunderstanding me. Hopefully that can get cleared up on Friday. Incidentally I realized this morning that I accidentally read ahead in that class, so I have like two pages of reading for Friday. Yaaaay.

Last night I had this feeling that yesterday had been a good day but I was setting myself up to have an awful day today. So far that prediction has not come true and I hope it continues to not come true.

I do need to:
~call the travel agency about tickets
~fill out my ballot
~clean my room
~wash dishes
~figure out somewhere to put my picture
~figure out some way to keep my curtain rod from sagging
~meet with my professor
~get everything ready to go to the bank
~check my mail
~e-mail my priest and his wife (evidently they have a birthday present waiting for me at home)

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