Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall days

I was really grumpy today until Sam and I went to an orchard where we drank apple cider and ate doughnuts and sat in the sun and talked.

I really love fall. It's a season that somehow feels very peaceful to me, even when there are storms and rain and wind. I think I've decided it's my favorite of all the seasons.

Dinner soon...not sure where we're going tonight. Probably somewhere cheap and Asian.


Pam H. said...

Friends are great to have.

Caitlin said...

I remember that orchard...or perhaps one much like it...with cider and made-there doughnuts.

I must read more Nietzsche--for that sense of affirmation that you mentioned in a later post. any recommendations for where to start?

MaureenE said...

Caitlin, it was the EZ Orchard.

Mmm, I've been reading Nietzsche for class. So far we've pretty much read "The Gay Science" so I guess that's what I'd suggest. I'm not wild about Nietzsche in a lot of ways, but I do like the affirming as opposed to resigning thing.