Saturday, October 11, 2008


Pretty nice day today. Went to Saturday Market this morning with Jessica and bought apples and farm fresh eggs. The man I bought the eggs from could seriously have been friends with my parents thirty years ago. Also, he has an ADORABLE daughter who was wearing a darling smock-dress-thing.

I haven't gotten anything like as much as I needed to done today, but I did clean up a bit and work on my paper a little. And then we went out to dinner--sushi, very delicious. It was at this place where the sushi is on plates on a conveyor belt and you pick out the ones you want. They're priced according to plate, so the red plates are $1.25, the yellow plates are $1.65, etc. I ate a fair amount and ended up paying about nine dollars, which is not at all bad for good sushi. I ate almost all the $1.25 plates and they were quite yummy. Especially the crab salad.


Pam H. said...


My husband won't let me eat the sushi I like best (yellowtail, etc.) as he's afraid I'll catch parasites. It does happen, but I've eaten a lot of it and never gotten sick.


Glad you had a good day!

(Farm eggs! Wonderful!)

Mimi said...

That sounds lovely (except for the part about it being sushi, but I digress) and a nice weekend.

Yum, fresh eggs.