Monday, November 19, 2007

Thoughts on blogging

I wrote a post awhile ago while thinking about why I sometimes find it difficult to find things to blog about. I'm still thinking about that topic because it's interesting to me and I think I've found a few more reasons.

I don't have the life experience. I know that's not entirely true. I could have blogged a lot more about our cross-country move and its effects on me than I have, and there is a post about that floating around in the back of my mind. I could actually blog a lot more about college and being Christian on a non-Christian campus. In some ways it's not a good reason. But I think that there is some truth to it. I've never been married or had my own house or apartment. I'm just starting.

The other big one is that I'm afraid. Oh, I know it sounds silly! But, unlike some other bloggers (can't think exactly who at the moment) I had already been part of different online things and so I had seen how quickly a seemingly innocuous topic could turn into an all-out flame war. I don't want that to happen here and I'm afraid that if it started I would shrivel up in a little ball and die. I tend to over-react. So I've carefully avoided most controversial statements and, in some ways, most of the interesting topics. I think this is going to change, but it will definitely take some time. Little baby steps here people!

On an entirely different note, I was looking for that earlier post and came across my review of the 2005 Pride and Prejudice. I hope this doesn't sound completely conceited, but I crack myself up sometimes.

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