Monday, November 26, 2007


I just decided that I wanted hot chocolate even though I've had tea several times already today. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to go fill up the water pitcher, which meant walking down the hallway again.


Well, it's filled now, so chocolatey happiness will be arriving soon. And I won't be able to drink it after Wednesday, when the Old Calendar Nativity Fast starts. And if you don't know any of those capitalized words, it's all right.

I hate feeling like I have so much to do! I also strongly dislike those helpful people somewhat older than myself who, when I express that feeling, respond, "It'll only get worse." Not really what I wanted to hear, although I'm sure it's true. But I still haven't written anything in NaNo today, I need to continue my study abroad essay, I need to write a poem which is different from all the other poems I've written for that class, I need to do Russian homework, I need to do laundry, I need to return books (honestly, that one's not happening), I need to write up my Christmas gift/card list STILL, I need to post about the novel we're reading for my literary theory class, I need to finish the prizes for the giveaway winners (no, I haven't forgotten, yes, they're almost done).

And it's 7:00. I'm procrastinating. But I also want to update this blog, so I don't feel this is a waste of time, especially as I had to wait for the water to travel through the water filter anyway. But it's done now and I have (proverbial) miles to go before I sleep. So au revoir!

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