Friday, November 16, 2007

~I spent an hour this morning straightening the Children's Lit section in the school library and I'm still not done. It was really messed up. At least I'll be able to finish it tonight and my OCD heart will be able to find peace.

~It was raining today and I forgot my umbrella, which means that I had to go a) to Russian b) from Russian to the library and c) from the library to the dorm in the rain. And I do mean rain. Not just a little sprinkle today. No, today had to be the day it was pouring. I arrived back here somewhat damp

~I enjoy candied ginger.

~I'm still not sure why all the angst this week. *shrugs* I think it's over now. [There was angst this week, but it wasn't apparent on here. And, as I said, I think it's over now.]

~I'm at 33,040 words on NaNo. YAY! Maybe I can make it to 35,000 tonight. That would be spiffy.

~Music and the decline of western civilization at the Common Room. I told this story there, but I'll tell it again. Last semester I took a basic group singing class and one of our assignments was to research a favorite singer and bring in an example of their music. For our actual singing assignments we were singing arias, art songs, folk songs, and a little musical theatre. I was the only one in the entire group who brought in a classical singer. I think my friend Anna did a classically trained singer who sings rock, but every other person in the entire room (this was probably 17 other people) did some sort of contemporary musician. The poor professor wrote on my assignment sheet, "Thank you so much for not doing a pop singer!"

~It made me happy when the DHM replied to my comment on that post and said that the HG and I are kindred spirits. I like kindred spirits, even when I haven't met them in real life.

~I like chocolate too.

~I'd like to move off campus next year because I am having major issues with fasting this year. But I'm not sure how that would work with money, especially if this summer is like last summer and I can't get a job. So....if you wouldn't mind praying about that, I'd appreciate it!

~We have a new quote on our door: "Then do not be so quick to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends." ~J.R.R. Tolkien


DebD said...

I've been reading a bit about the Music and decline of western Civ. around on the net. Very interesting. I'll pray for you and your living situation for next year. Our dd is living off campus and it has its good and bad.

Love the Tolkien quote.

MaureenE said...

Deb, thank you very much! I love the Tolkien quote myself. I need to read some Tolkien. It's been far too long.