Wednesday, February 28, 2007

John Donne

Have I mentioned that I love John Donne? Well, now I have. I love John Donne. Wonderful poet. We read him for my English class today. We read but didn't talk about my absolute favorite poem of his, "Death Be Not Proud." We did talk about "A Hymn to God the Father," which I decided to share.

Well, I typed it up with the nice little line spacing and such and then Blogger wouldn't do it right. So here is the link to the poem at Bartleby, since Blogger is evidently stupid. Sorry.

And yes, that is a pun on his name in the refrain of the poem. My professor told us that while we consider puns to be the lowest kind of jokes the Elizabethans thought they were quite distinguished.

The man himself.

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slskenyon said...

I've had a lot of experience with Donne because I work a lot with 17th century English scholarship. Have you checked out any of his sermons? He used to give them, live, in a place outside of London called the Spittlefields. Even if they aren't your religious bent, they are worth a look.