Friday, February 23, 2007

Assorted sundries

This week has been fairly busy for me. It's also the first week of Lent (as I've already said). These are my excuses for not posting since Tuesday. At any rate, I'm getting back on track. I'll be posting a poem I wrote later on today. And I hope to have some more quotes from various books I'm reading soon.

Given that it is Lent, I've been monitoring the music I listen to. I'm not saying so much "classical only" or "classical and folk only" but going more by individual song. Some music that I feel is completely appropriate and wonderful at any other time just doesn't cut it at the moment. Chopin's "Minute Waltz," for instance. The problem is that I listen to music pretty much continuously, especially while I'm on my computer. The solution? At the moment, Ancient Faith radio. They have some kind of cheesy "inspirational moments" (my name for them, not theirs) but they also have some beautiful Orthodox music, both Slavonic and Byzantine. It's free, it's Orthodox, and it keeps me happy.

Interesting post on tea over at YLCF. I like tea. It keeps me happy. I like mine strong and sweet. Either black or herbal. I'm not so big on green and I haven't tried anything else.

And finally, if you have any interest whatsoever in costumes/old fashioned clothes, check out this book and volume two. I got them out from my school library and I don't want to give them back.

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