Monday, June 09, 2008


I am uncommonly tired at the moment, but my family is watching Star Wars V, which gives me the opportunity to recap a few remarks I made on my livejournal when I last watched the original trilogy.

So I'm watching the original Star Wars trilogy because it's been several years since I last saw them. Dudettes, I totally love Han Solo. He's the best character in the whole thing! I like Luke as well but to be honest, he's a little dweeby, at least in the first two movies. I seem to remember him perking up a bit in the third. But Han--he starts out as this totally mercenary guy, granted absolutely hilarious, but still mercenary, and ends up as a hero. Without losing any of the hilariousness.

Honestly though, I think I like heroes with questionable motivations and/or major secrets. I mean, we've got Eugenides from The Thief, Han, Shevraeth from Crown Duel and Court Duel, Thomas from Sorcery and Cecelia. Even Darcy and Wentworth, if looked at in a certain light, fall into that category.

A friend replied, saying that she liked Luke better--he's more of a developed character and isn't quite so annoyingly cocky. Here's my response:

See here's the thing with me. I love Luke (especially in the third movie) but you know he's going to be the hero from the first time you meet him. He's got "Hero" written all over him in shiny gold letters. Han, on the other hand, you think, "Oh, he'll be the crazy side-kick friend." Which he is. But then by the end of the second movie when he goes to what could well be his death with grace and dignity--that blows me out of the water. And at the end of the third movie, when he is ready to give up Leia if she loves Luke--that speaks volumes about his character change. He also says to me that you can be good without giving up your zany side, which I definitely like.

And now I think I'll go take a shower and try to loosen up my back.


pilgrimchick said...

It has been a long time for me as well when it comes to viewing any part of the original Star Wars Trilogy (I do not consider the newer three movies to really be worth the time). I tended to enjoy the fact that the cast really operated as an ensemble, and I think that is equally true for most good TV shows as well.

Mimi said...

Yeah, I love Han too.