Sunday, June 29, 2008

Prayer request

This is really several days late, but I want to ask for your prayers for the St. Herman's Monastery in Platina, CA and the St. Xenia's Monastery in Wildwood, CA. Both monasteries have been evacuated as a result of forest fires. The monks (St. Herman's) and nuns (St. Xenia's) are staying in Redding. This is a very anxious time for all of them, as they wait for the fires to be contained and hope that their monasteries remain safe. In addition, Fr. Gerasim, the abbot of St. Herman's is in Ecuador at the moment and could not be reached until several days after the monks were evacuated.

As far as we know, the situation is not as serious as it was on Friday and Saturday, but remains very worrisome.

You can find updates at the Serbian Diocese Website.


Catherine said...

Why's Fr. Gerasim in Ecuador?!?

MaureenE said...

I have no idea! I heard vaguely that he was going to be, but I don't know why.

BTW, the monks are back at Platina now and the nuns will probably be back at Wildwood tomorrow. I don't know if you'd heard already or not.

Anonymous said...

yeah, my dad's been keeping our church email list updated...thanks though!