Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm exhausted

I'm hoping for an early bed night, maybe with a good book.

Along the good book lines, I'm reading Charlotte Mason's Home Education for the first time. I'm only as far as the preface, but am already finding food for thought. I'll try to post some bits I found interesting soon.

We got a dusting of snow and a freeze after several days of rain last night. Every other school at least got delayed, if not canceled outright. We had class all day. Oh well. At least seeing the ice crystals on the sidewalk while walking to class was neat.

I'm sorry I don't have deeper thoughts at the moment, but today was a very long day. I left the dorm at five till eight and got back at 12:40. Then I left again an hour later. So I'm a tad brain-dead.


Mimi said...

Where are you? You can email me too - but we are having the same weather and I'm wondering if we are close.

Anyway, I've heard good things about Charlotte Mason. And, my (doing fabulous, thank you) 80 year old grandmother taught me it is perfectly acceptable to crawl into bed early and read. So, enjoy!

MaureenE said...

Mimi, I'm about an hour south of Portland, but I think the whole Pacific Northwest is getting the same kind of weather.

Mimi said...

Oh very cool! I like Nortwestern Oregon a lot!

I am about an hour south of Seattle, so about three hours north of you, then. Hopefully, someday we can meet in person, I have had the pleasure of meeting several Portland Orthodox bloggers!

A Dusty Frame said...

Hey;) I think Charlotte Mason's books are great:) I'm just curious why you picked it up?

(curious in an interested way.)

MaureenE said...

Lizzi, I've been interested in homeschooling when/if I have children for a long time. I'd heard a fair amount about Charlotte Mason and remembered seeing her series in our bookshelves growing up, so I decided to give it a try. I had to return the book before I finished, but I'll check it out again eventually.