Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back at school

It's always rather exciting to begin a new semester and wonder what awaits me there. We started right in on Monday and I haven't had much of a chance to sit down and write anything here until now. I'm expecting things to settle down a bit in the future as professors and students become more used to each other. In the meantime, bits and pieces from my life:

~On Mondays and Fridays I go from my smallest class (Russian, five people) to my largest (Biology, thirty-five). It's a bit of a shock.
~Going from the cafeteria to class on Monday I met seventeen people that I knew at least slightly. The joys of a small campus and student body.* Of course, if you happen not to like someone, you tend to bump into them more often than you otherwise might.
~Work at the library is never dull. That's a stereotype and it's not true. We get some interesting people coming in, especially on a college campus. Today we had the lady who leaned on the circ desk and told us that people in Denmark are supposedly the happiest in the world, but she doesn't believe it.
~My class schedule: 4th semester Russian, upper-level creative writing poetry, anthropology, and biology.
~Last semester I had two English classes and none of my classes were held in the humanities building. This semester I have one English class and two of my classes are held in the humanities building--neither of them the English class.
~My friends make me laugh, especially at dinner.
~I'm going swing dancing tomorrow night, since I don't have Russian on Thursday to get up for!

*I am being absolutely sincere here. I like this aspect of attending a small school a lot.

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Mimi said...

Enjoy the classes and particuarly the swing dancing! Whohoooo!