Thursday, January 03, 2008

December Reading List

No commentary this time...if you want to know what I thought of a particular book, just ask!

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister—Gregory Maguire

I Was Born on a Blue Day—Daniel Temmet

The Mystery of the Blue Train—Agatha Christie

Death on the Nile—Agatha Christie

Murder in Mesopotamia—Agatha Christie

Take Three Tenses—Rumer Godden

The Illyrian Adventure—Lloyd Alexander

The Gypsy Game—Zilpa Keatly Snyder

A Caribbean Mystery—Agatha Christie

Crown Duel—Sherwood Smith

Pale Horse—Agatha Christie

Death in a White Tie—Ngaio Marsh

The Goose Girl—Shannon Hale

The Queen of Attolia—Megan Whalen Turner

The King of Attolia—Megan Whalen Turner

The Full Cupboard of Life—Alexander McCall Smith

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies—Alexander McCall Smith


Rebecca said...


Two things: I am so jealous that you read all of that in one month!!! When do you find time to read???

Also, you read Agatha Christie?!?!? I LOVE Christie!

MaureenE said...

Well, I read very fast, so that helps. Actually, it was a fairly bad year for me in terms of reading.

I love Christie, but I've read almost every book she ever wrote, which means that I've had to turn elsewhere for my mystery fixes. (Notably Dorothy Sayers and Ngaio Marsh.)

Valerie said...

How was 'The Goose Girl'? That's by the author of 'Princess Academy', right?

MaureenE said...

VB, I loved it! It was so much better than the Princess Academy, IMO. The writing was just beautiful, and the story was so well done. I'm not saying the Princess Academy was bad, but Goose Girl is much better.

Valerie said...

I'll have to look for it then! I enjoyed Princess Academy, so this sounds great.

MaureenE said...

VB, I'd definitely recommend it.