Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Things of little consequence

Things that make me happy: warm socks, striped, Chopin's "Polonaise", the fact that I am done with my homework except for the conclusion of the essay, an actually hot shower.

Things that make me puzzled: the fact that I moved my arm three inches and my elbow cracked.

Things that make me slightly sad: I want a cup of tea (herbal) but I know I must away to bed.

Hopefully a bit more substance tomorrow!

EDIT: I have a blog label for tea. That makes me happy too.


Ruth said...

I will checked your tea of my small daily pleasures!
Cracking joints...seldom of any consequence, and sure to happen more frequently as you get older! ;-)

MaureenE said...

I'm afraid there's not much there at the moment, but perhaps there will be in the future. :)

Yes, my roommate cracks as well, even more spectacularly than I do. I think my question was more along the lines of why my elbow, and why just then?