Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I really am alive!

And back from a wonderful, blessed weekend in California. (I just typed "week" instead; I think it was wishful thinking on my part.) We stayed in two houses right on the ocean--one of them about as close to it as you can get. We saw lots of seaweed, a dead cow (yes, I still think that's funny), lots of seals, and, most importantly, all of each other. It was a great time together as a group and one which, although we didn't do all the activities that were planned, felt immensely productive.

For me personally, I was so entirely burnt out on everything before the weekend--schoolwork, cleaning my room--you name it. After the weekend, not only have I not had the "post-conference blues," but I've felt so rejuvenated! God really blessed us.

I'd show you pictures, but the only ones I have are ones which I didn't take.

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