Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's so much more friendly with two

My sister came to visit me at college this weekend and we had a glorious time. We wandered around downtown, buying books and chocolate and looking at a number of neat little shops. We had dinner at an excellent Thai restaurant, and we watched several movies. (Beware the Groove!)

But most of all we were together. I don't mean to imply that my friends at college aren't wonderful, because they are. My sister and I have a special bond. We get annoyed and angry with each other occasionally, but we're also the kind of sisters that have read so many of the same books and watched so many of the same movies and listened to so much of the same music that we can practically read each other's minds and we can finish each other's sentences. I have a personal theory that we could also communicate solely through quotations, but that's a different subject. To be together, just the two of us out of our family, was lovely.

And it's true. It's so much more friendly with two.

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Katie said...

Aren't sisters wonderful!!!