Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Book Joys

My awesome friend Jessica gave me a $15.00 gift certificate to a local used bookstore and I had some books that I wanted to sell, so I headed over there today and ended up with $22.00 to spend. So I got:

The Eyre Affair, paperback, for $7.00
Betsy and Joe, paperback, for $3.50. The lowest price this book is selling for on Amazon is $30.00!
Return to Gone-Away, paperback, for $2.00
Spindle's End, paperback, for $3.25
The Man in the Brown Suit, paperback, for $3.00
The Tombs of Atuan, paperback (a really nice copy), for $3.50

All of these added up to $22.25, so I paid a quarter for six books, one of which is worth considerably more. Yay!

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