Saturday, September 06, 2008

Saturday notes

I'm really loving "Early in the Morning" as done by Peter, Paul and Mary. You can see a video of them performing it live here.

This morning we went to a local farmer’s market where I bought beautiful and delicious Gala apples, half a bouquet of dahlias, and a bunch of fresh basil. A friend has the other half of the bouquet.

Since then I’ve been cleaning my room and writing a few letters. I also managed to get a few more of my decorations out—the ones that really mean something to me and aren’t just tchochkies. (Which, incidentally, means teacup in Russian. Just thought you might like to know that.)

This evening we’re going out to dinner…somewhere. I’m kind of hoping for Asian food as I haven’t had any in AGES. MONTHS.

One of my friends and I are also planning to get a meal plan where you have only 3-4 dinners covered for the week and cook the rest of the time. I’ve found that I enjoy cooking, and I get so tired of the cafeteria food here. I think my mother will be worried about that choice, but with two of us, I think it’s realistic and feasible.


Mimi said...

Does it? How did I not know that? Clearly, I need to get back to learning Russian.

Sounds good!

MaureenE said...

Yeah, I don't know. It came up somehow in one of my Russian classes.

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

If I was your mom, I'd be pleased that you were going to prepare some of your own meals. Do you have the facilities to do so? Cooking and baking can be great therapy and to do it with a friend is even better. Enjoy!