Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm in shock

Those of you who have been around for awhile know that in November I applied for my school's study abroad program, hoping to go to London for a semester next year. I expected to find out in March whether I would be able to go or not. Well, I went to check my mailbox this morning and there was a big old envelope from the Study Abroad office. I practically ran back to my room because I knew that whichever way it went, I needed to be sitting down when I opened it.

I'm in! I'm accepted to go to London in spring 2009!!! I can still hardly believe it!

The other thing is, I've been praying that if I wasn't going to be able to come up with the money to do it, I would just not get into the program. So now that I'm actually accepted, it's easier to trust that God will take care of me and I will find a way to go, one way or another.


Mimi said...

Whohoooo! Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity!

Ruth said...

How exciting! I would love a "working semester" abroad. London will be a great city to get acquainted with.

pilgrimchick said...

Congrats on the SA in London. Schooling in England is a fabulous experience and London is a great city to be in.