Monday, February 04, 2008


A quick quote before I run off to class.

"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark. Tell...a story. Make some light."
~Kate DiCamillo, The Tale of Despereaux


Mimi said...

Isn't that an awesome book?

Valerie said...

Such a cute book! I love it, with a few words excepted. ;-)

MaureenE said...

Mimi, yes it is! It's one of the few that can get away with such explicit light/dark symbolism. It's a really great story.

VB, well, I read it because you recommended it to me, so I hope you like it! :D

teachergirl said...

I *loved* this book! I read it last summer for a children's lit class. I just finished reading Edward Toulane. I'm finding DiCamillo to be an excellent author. Both those books had me on the edge of tears.

DebD said...

Maureen, I just finished listening to this and enjoyed myself very much. It was a pleasant diversion.