Monday, September 24, 2007

They've killed it. They've killed it dead.

So. This will be greatly distressing for all fans of The Dark is Rising Sequence. They're making a movie. And the trailer looks beyond horrible. It'll automatically come up if you click on the link above. Go look at it and then discuss with me how awful it is.

Okay, you're back.

~The setting is no longer England? What? The only people with British accents are Merriman and the Rider.
~What's up with the Lady? Why does she look kind of "Wicked-Witch of the West" like?
~He needs help talking to GIRLS????
~He's interested in MAGGIE???? That's definitely....which brother is it....Max?
~HE'S STEALING SOMETHING??? Unless that's a sign, they're definitely nuts.
~Again, the setting is no longer England. That just kills it. You can't have that lovely sense of agelessness the book gives in America. Sorry. Just not possible.
~He has issues with his family? One of my favorite parts of the book is the way he and his family are really loving. Yes, there are a few minor quibbles, but overall they get along well, and when it comes down to it, they're united.
~Merriman is just wrong all over. What happened to old and craggy? We are talking Merlin here.
~Oh, so the Seeker is a warrior now? Not quite so sure about that.
~What happened to all the birthday and Christmas/dark/light symbolism.
~His "powers" are "awesome."

Just for the record, I have deep problems with some aspects of the "Dark is Rising," namely the specific rejection of Christianity. But they're still well written books that deserve so much better than this.

On a happier note, this is my 200th Blogger post. Yay!


DebD said...

I have never read those books, but I feel you pain. So many books have been ruined at the hands of film makers.

I'm probably one of the few people in this world who think that LOTR was a disappointment as a film.

MaureenE said...

I'm probably one of the few people in this world who think that LOTR was a disappointment as a film.

You're actually not. I know a number of people who feel that way, and on a certain level I agree. But I think that most of the problem is that LotR is just not completely translatable to the screen. I think PJ did the best he could (yes, he did mess up in a number of areas, particularly Faramir) and his version is probably the best screen version we'll ever have.

Besides, the costumes are pretty. :)