Thursday, September 06, 2007

A collaborative poem

We wrote collaborative poems today in my poetry writing class. Each of us wrote five questions and five answers, none of which had anything to do with each other. Then we paired up and combined questions and answers in some way. Here's the final contribution from my partner and myself.

What does the wind think as it blows?
Soft winter snow.

What is love?
In the dark stillness, a fawn sleeps.

What do animals think about?
Clouds are never rabbits, but only sheep.

What is color?
Songs die out, but music is eternal.

Is there a place where in never rains?
In the dark of the moon, wolves howl.

Why do lobsters turn red in the pot?
A momentous journey.

How do we gain confidence?
Once, I saw two eagles race in a canyon.

What stops a breath?
Green is not the color of life.

Why do pigeons always sit on statues?
The distant roar of waves.

Why does the sea tug at our hearts?
Thunder of a roller coaster.

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