Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fr. Seraphim Rose--25 years

Today is the 25th anniversary of the death of Fr. Seraphim Rose, one of my personal spiritual heroes, and, in my belief, a saint.

I wrote about him a year ago here. I won't repeat all of that since none of it has changed. Let me simply say that Fr. Seraphim has inspired me and countless others. In fact, I wonder sometimes if my family would be Orthodox if Fr. Seraphim had not been who he was.

Here are a number of resources and links concerning Fr. Seraphim.

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Saints of Christ

Excerpts from Fr. Seraphim's writings

Pastoral Guidance

Lives of a Saint--article from Pomona College
Personal Reminiscences from Fr. Ambrose Young

Photographs of Fr. Seraphim

Relating to non-Orthodox

A number of posts on Fr. Seraphim

Interviews on Fr. Seraphim

Holy Fr. Seraphim pray to God for us!

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