Friday, August 24, 2007

The final controversy

Evidently Tsarevitch Alexei's remains may have been found. From the article:

Prosecutors said Friday they have reopened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the last Russian czar and his family nearly 90 years ago after an archaeologist said the remains of Nicholas II's son and heir to the throne may have finally been found.

The announcement of the reopened investigation, while a routine matter, signaled that the government may be taking seriously the claims that were announced Thursday by Yekaterinburg researcher Sergei Pogorelov. [...]

The find comes almost a decade after remains identified as those of Nicholas and Alexandra and three of their daughters were reburied in a ceremony in the imperial-era capital of St. Petersburg. The ceremony, however, was shadowed by statements of doubt — including from within the Russian Orthodox Church — about their authenticity.

That's the truth! Probably most people accepted the story about the remains that were found in 1991, but there is definitely doubt about whether those remains are actually the saints'. "Bones of Contention" from the Orthodox journal Road to Emmaus is a good exposition of those doubts.

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slskenyon said...

I heard about this new find recently, too. I'm curious to see if anything interesting comes of it. The whole story surrounding this is remarkable.