Monday, May 21, 2007


This was written about a year ago, but I decided to post it, slightly revised. I haven't seen the sunrise in awhile because I don't get up that early anymore, but I miss it.

I do love watching the sunrise. When I was little getting up at 6:30 or 7 was early, and seeing the sunrise was always something special. Now I get up at 5:30 on the weekdays and so I see it every day, but it's still a special time for me. I watch the sun rise every morning over the river as I'm riding the bus and sometimes I see the college rowing team practicing. Their movements are so beautiful--graceful and synchronised--and the growing light is reflected on the water. The trees are still black and form a delicate pattern against the sky that reminds me of tracery or lace. I usually say my prayers on the bus because I don't have time at home, and the dawning of the new day always inspires me. It is a time to be quiet and still, and yet it holds a promise of new life.


Moe said...

I can't remember the last time I saw the sunrise -- it's been a long time.

For awhile I was getting up early enough to see it most every morning. It was always a nice way to start the day.

Maybe I'll have to work at setting my alarm again.


Moe said...

I found your blog earlier through "The Common Room," and now I just found it again through the forum "I Don't Date." I only just joined today, so I haven't done anything with it yet. I thought it was funny that I ended up coming across your blog twice in one day.

Also, the blog "Life: The Journey," which is on your blogroll, is my mom's blog.

It just seemed like a "small world moment," so I thought I'd share it with you since I found myself on your blog again today. :-)

I've enjoyed reading your blog so far. I'll have to stop back again when I have a bit more time.

Grace for the moment,

MaureenE said...

Kelsey, I noticed that you had registered--welcome! I forget to check the IDD email, so Katie is usually the one who approves people.

It is funny when things happen like that isn't it? I enjoy your mom's blog a lot (if enjoy is the right word), I'll have to add yours as well.

Thank you very much for your comments!