Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bits and pieces

The Saturday Review of books is up.

According to the Quizilla What Dickens Character are YOU? quiz, I am Esther Summerson. I knew it!

I also took that "What flower are you?" quiz that's floating around. The first time I got Violets, which made me very happy since I love them. Then I got Snapdragons. Which is rediculous. I did not fit that description at all. So.


Anonymous said...

And where is the link for this Dickens quiz? *pulls are hair in desperation*


Body Soul Spirit said...

Esther Summerson...I like her a lot! She has strength, controlled passion and a good deal of common sense.

MaureenE said...

VB, here:

Ruth, I like her too! I was quite pleased. :)