Sunday, January 14, 2007

Favorite Word

I willingly classify myself as an English geek. After some years of searching and denying my—never mind, I always knew and I think I accepted it long ago. And as an English geek I naturally must have a favorite word. Some people say that “cellar door” is beautiful, apart from any meaning. I agree. But it is not my favorite word. You see, I am both ‘lit.’ and ‘lang.’ (If that conveys anything to you, virtual chocolate is coming your way.) I like the sound and the meaning of a word to be united. And so, after some years of searching I have found my favorite word! (Actually, I’ve known what it is for several years, but I did try to figure it out for about a year.) Silver. A simple word, two syllables. Mostly sibilants (s, l, and v). But say it slowly, letting it slip out over your tongue. Doesn’t it sound metallic and cool and beautiful? Now think of silver. Isn’t it metallic and cool and beautiful? Hmm, where have we seen that list recently? Oh yes…(I think I’ve tried to be sardonic too much for one post. Enough.)…Anyway, you understand what I am trying to say, hopefully. Silver sounds like what it is. I like that very much indeed.

EDIT: Oh yes, and I have returned to college so more posts are forthcoming.

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