Friday, September 04, 2009


I always think of the most descriptive and fascinating titles, don't I?

[Actually, incidentally, titles are not one of my strong suits in any respect. When I took my two creative writing poetry classes, the professor would consistently tell me that the poem was good, albeit with some issues to straighten out, but the title...There was one poem that went through about three different titles and ended up going to back to an earlier one because neither of us could come up with anything better. Maybe I should just start going the Emily Dickinson route.]

So, here I am, back at school. This first week has been a bit crazy. Last week was crazy too, which didn't help anything. Getting ready for two weddings, attending one, flying 3,000 miles, spending a day with my family and then driving up to school for a NEW school year with a NEW roommate and a NEW setup (i.e. a university owned apartment rather than a dorm room). And up until last night I hadn't had time to make up a schedule for myself. I need a schedule. Somehow they ground me--even if I don't follow it at all.

I did get several books out of the library and am devouring them. Two read--reviews soon--and I'm in the middle of The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks which is one of those books that I liked the first time but didn't LOVE. I'm having pretty much the same reaction.

So, I'm looking forward to being around more. Hopefully you are as well!

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elizabeth said...

Welcome back! Yes, I am relearning that schedules are important; they help us know where we are going.