Saturday, May 02, 2009

Stratford pictures

My program went to Stratford for Shakespeare's birthday celebrations.

Shakespeare's grave.

Wisteria at Nash's house

Elizabethan knot garden at Nash's house.

Rosemary growing against the railings at Nash's house.

Apple blossoms.

More apple blossoms.

And more apple blossoms.

The garden at Anne Hathaway's cottage.

Apple trees at Anne Hathaway's cottage.

The cottage itself.

Roses growing over the cottage.

Lambs in a field near Anne Hathaway's cottage.

Scenery from the train.


Katie said...

Those gardens are lovely!!!

Look at all the flowers!! It's not very springy yet here. I miss flowers!

pilgrimchick said...

Fabulous. I traveled around England several times, but I never made it there. This is a great time of year for English gardens--all of May--and lots of people in England absolutely love gardens, too.

elizabeth said...

beautiful! what a lovely time ...