Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I'm feeling distinctly lazy this morning. Not a good thing, as I have things I need to do before I go to class. Maybe some tea and food would help?

Did some editing yesterday. It's a difficult process for me because it doesn't have the kind of high that the first draft does. It's much more slogging through, trying to rescue the bad bits and leave the good bits alone. And sometimes (as yesterday) it definitely gets emotionally wearisome.

Also, I have an essay due in my Shakespeare class tomorrow. Almost done but I have NO motivation to work on it. BAH.

I guess I'm feeling a bit isolated at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I love being here. But...I have no idea what's going on in the lives of a number of people. *sigh* I've not had very good experiences in the past with people responding to me if I leave them a message or note asking how they are and I don't feel emotionally up to it at the moment.

Just reflecting on some things. Now I think I'll go have my tea.


Mimi said...

Ooooh, a Shakespeare class. I'm envious.

May it be a fruitful day.

elizabeth said...

Sigh. I remember those times when I thought I could not write another paper!

It can be really hard to feel emotionally and physically sustained when doing a lot of intense school work. easy to feel isolated then too.

I can feel this way when I am working on my online course after working... not fun.

May God sustain and encourage us.

Was thinking of you the other day as I remember vividly what school days are like when I read your updates...

take good care; prayers for your this day!