Sunday, March 08, 2009

Happy-making things

Tea and buttered toast

Sunshine on an English garden

Wind whipping the trees around (sorry trees)

A swingy, silky skirt


Pam H. said...

Clotted cream? No?

It is spring here - plum tree is in full bloom. I am happy, too.

Enjoy your stay!

MaureenE said...

Clotted cream is definitely a happy-making thing but isn't something I had this morning. :)

elizabeth said...

lovely! May God uphold you as you study!

Mimi said...

I too love clotted cream. But, I digress. Wonderful happy making things! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog, and I usually never comment on other people's blogs,(which is why I'm anonymous) but I just had to for this. Just had to say that I love your blog! (I know the whole thing sounds redundant. lol) I, too, am an Orthodox Christian college girl who loves a lot of the same books and films (Austen! Gaskell! And I thought I was a nerd!) as you. Keep it up and have a blessed Lent and Pascha!