Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poem 22

The Monk and His Pet Cat

I and my white Pangur
Have each his special art:
His m ind is set on hunting mice,
Mine is upon my special craft.

I love to rest--better than any fame!--
With close study at my little book;
White Pangur does not envy me:
He loves his childish play.

When in our house we two are all alone--
A tale without tedium!
We have--sport never-ending!
Something to exercise our wit.

At times by feats of derring-do
A mouse sticks in his net,
While into my net there drops
A difficult problem of hard meaning.

He points his shining eye
Against the fence of the wall:
I point my clear though feeble eye
Against the keenness of science.

He rejoices with quick leaps
When in his sharp claws sticks a mouse:
I too rejoice when I have grasped
A problem difficult and dearly loved.

Though we are thus at all times,
Neither hinders the other,
Each of us pleased with his own art
Amuses himself alone.

He is a master of the work
Which every day he does:
While I am at my own work
To bring difficulty to clearness.

1 comment:

Mimi said...

Have you read "The Abbot and I" by Josie the Cat? (and human help too, but I can't remember who - Sarah Cowie maybe?) Anyway, it's a lovely little book and it ties in nicely with this poem!