Friday, June 01, 2007


I've had a busy couple of days. I'm looking for work over the summer and finding it a slow and often discouraging process. And then I went to the library yesterday and have been reading every chance I get since then.

Which means that I have reviews to write. I don't know that any of them will be done for tomorrow, but early next week I should have at least three to post. Probably more by then.

I'm looking forward to the weekend because I feel like I need washing. It's hard to explain, but sometimes I just want to go to church. Not for the service, not for the fellowship, but because being in a building where people have prayed for any number of years and praying yourself is the best way of re-aligning yourself to God that I know. The church is not just a building like any other. (Actually, I wrote a poem about that once. I wonder where it is.) In some ineffable way it is home. I think that all must be hard to understand (fully, anyway) unless you're Orthodox.

So I am looking forward to the services this weekend. And I hope to return to you on Monday renewed and refreshed!

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