Saturday, April 14, 2007

Poem 11

The Sea of Life

Like Peter I am sinking, falling,
In the waves of life's tempestuous sea.
As he so to Thee I am calling,
Teacher, save me rescue me.

How powerful a single motion,
A word from Thee can calm the storm.
It's possible to tread the ocean,
The wind and thunder to transform.

Upon my heart's waves, I implore Thee,
With sacred feet do Thou now tread.
My heart will quiet down before Thee,
Taste the peace that Thou wilt shed.

Stretch out Your hand, my faith redouble,
And as to Peter, say, "Oh ye,
Of little faith, what is thy trouble?
Take manly courage come to Me."

~Abbess Thaisia, a 19th century Russian nun

1 comment:

Rachel said...

even back then...nothing changes under the sun....does it?...lovely