Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Music I've been listening to lately:

La Forza del Destino by Giuseppe Verdi. This isn't the best known of his operas but I've found it very beautiful, especially the overture, "Madre, Madre, pietosa Vergine," and "La Vergine Degli Angeli." If any of you have seen the French movies "Jean de Florette" or "Manon des Sources [Manon of the Springs]," one of the main themes is taken from the overture. (Which is how I found out about the opera in the first place.)

The Sense and Sensibility soundtrack by Patrick Doyle. Just got ahold of it and it's very beautiful. Makes me want to see the movie again.

Assorted Faure music. Faure is one of my very favorite-ist composers and this lovely CD includes the Requiem, the Messe Basse, and the Cantique de Jean Racine. If you like Faure, try to get ahold of this CD!

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