Monday, December 08, 2008


I've had this enormous build-up of links in the past couple of links.

The Tale of Despereaux trailer: I'm not wildly thrilled. At least from the trailer it looks like they've cutified it.

NYTBR Outtakes: An interview with Markus Zusak. I really need to read more of his books.

I'm YA and I'm OK: An interesting musing on being a Young Adult writer. (Personally, I think the whole category is a lot of hooey.)

Why Jane Austen matters: Just shows that people have a much higher capacity for understanding than most want to allow.

E-mail error ends up on road sign: Is it wrong that much laughter was my immediate response to this?

Wax ornaments: I want to say that my family or someone we knew once made these? But I could be wrong. Not sure.

Over-earnest: Excellent post from The Common Room on parental expectations.

Embracing Story: Another excellent post from The Common Room on Story.

Pride and Prejudice as Facebook: Also known as Sheer Genius. I especially love "Lydia Bennet and Kitty Bennet joined the group 1,000,000 Strong Against the Officers Leaving Meryton!" Because you know there would be a Facebook group for that.

Lemony Snicket posts! How can you not love that?


DebD said...

The Austen on Facebook is hilarious. I wonder how I get that posted over on FB - I'm such a newbie! LOL

Pam H. said...

I like the Over-Earnest page. I see that all the time. What I've been trying to do, in random conversations and as it comes up, is teach my children the reasons against all the errors I can think of, before they encounter them at all. After that (I can hardly counter them all, can I?), it's in God's hands. How's the quote?
Work like it all depends upon you, but pray like it all depends upon God?

elizabeth said...

I found the facebook group to be funny too!

thanks for sharing these!

Mimi said...

I love both the Pride and Prejudice and the Hamlet on Facebook are brilliant. Brilliant.

I also enjoyed the Despereaux book, I'm not holding up high hopes.

Valerie said...

Good linkage. Especially the over-earnest one, tho slightly disturbing, iykwim.

Pam H. said...

On an unrelated note - have you seen this?

Jane Austen heroines quiz.


Pam H. said...

Have a peaceful, blessed and holy Christmas! God be with you and yours.

MaureenE said...

Deb, I think you'd want to do a post link thing.

Pam, those are some good thoughts.

Mimi, I hadn't seen the Hamlet one before! Awesome.