Monday, August 18, 2008


Today has just been a frustrating day for some reason. I'm not sure why and I'm not sure what's been going on. It's cool which is lovely, and grey which I'm not really complaining about and the combination reminds me of Connecticut. But...I feel grumpy and I think I was just grumpy at my mother when it turned out we'd been thinking of entirely different storage unit things.

I made zucchini bread, but I can't eat it because we're having Vigil and Liturgy for Transfiguration tonight and since I want to take Communion, I can't eat anything. And I'm already hungry. And Vigil starts at six. *headdesk*

Have I mentioned before that I get cranky when I don't eat?

Also, everything costs too much money. And life is a howling wilderness. I think I need a do-over.

Moreover, I have a list of things to do as long as my arm and most of them aren't getting done.

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Pam H. said...

Dom Hubert van Zeller writes that, by baptism, we are each one of us members of the Body of Christ and thus, when we suffer, it is Christ who suffers in us, and our suffering, therefore, because it IS CHRIST's, is also redemptive, and He can use it to save souls. You might use this type of day in that way. What else can you do? I have them, too.