Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How to...

This is one of the last new features I'm introducing. Once a month I'll post a how-to. Some of them will be serious, a few might be a bit funny.

How to make a recepie notebook

1. Buy or obtain in another legal method a sturdy three ring notebook, paper (lined or unlined), dividers or construction paper, and plastic sheet protectors.

2. Decorate the outside of your notebook as desired. If there is any possibility of confusion I suggest putting "Recepie Notebook" somewhere on the outside.

3. Decide how many and what catagories you will be placing your recepies in. Set aside this many dividers or pieces of construction paper and decorate them as you want, writing the title of each catagory somewhere. If you are using construction paper fashion tabs and glue them to the sides so you can tell where to flip.

4. Divide up the plastic sheet protectors. You can do this in two ways. One is to divide them evenly among the catagories while the other is to put more in a catagory where you have more recepies.

5. Copy your recepies onto the pieces of paper and place them within the plastic sheet protectors. This will keep the recepies from getting food on them while cooking.

Have fun!

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