Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Doe and The Other Side

Two more poems--sorry, I've been writing quite a few for English class.

The Doe

This solitary and single doe
By the highway; startled turns her head.
I wonder,
Is she afraid of the immutable metal monsters
So heedless of her life and ours?
Or is she immured to them by
Long contact and aware of the dangers of the strip of black road?

And I wonder,
How many going by will
See her, feeding by the interstate
And how many more will rush on
Only seeing their lives, their cars;
And so miss this moment, this tangent
Of our world and hers

The Other Side

There is always
Another side to see.
The sun is hot and burning but
It ripens the pears in June.
The sand is hard and gritty but
It forms pearls in oysters.

Bubblegum is chewy and fun but
It sticks on everything, especially when stepped on.
A candle gives light but
It burns.
There is always
Another side to see.

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